Feel the “Thrill of the Chase” in this Heart pumping, Adrenaline filled classic “Cat vs Mouse”.

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Difficulty Rating

  • Hard-Extreme. Quick challenging games.


Would you like to see your pet in this game?

Take a picture of your cat in a similar pose as the black cat in the game (with a plain background/green screen if possible!), put kitty’s name in the subject line, and email it to:

If your pet gets picked, kitty will be put into the game as a random jump scare and we will send you a unique T-Shirt !!


Release notes for version 3.1

  • Difficulty decreased for more competitive game play
  • Sound balancing and upgrades

Release notes for version 1.1 – 2.1

  • Features a random “taunt” aspect where the Cat may choose not to attack, but instead it will stay in your face to try and block you from getting away and wait for you to run before deciding whether or not to strike. Getting away may be hard as the difficulty is set to extreme and the Cat is very fast! If this happens, the testers recommend moving back and forward real fast before making a break for it, kinda like a real mouse! If speed is too much a factor and if the Cat won’t pounce you but just wants to play, just try and drag him to the end … you may survive … free level! (or tap out)
  • Features a “Surrender” or “Tap out” button (represented by a skull and crossbones icon) to be used when the Cat catches and traps you to where you are rooted in fear and unable to run away.
  • Features another element to the game using hidden passages that one might stumble upon (for better or worse). These are rare and random and sometimes they can lead to the outside of the maze (the Void). In the role play/adventure versions this comes into play more and players are free to explore the Void (although there’s nothing there to see when you get too far from the maze). ** This is used normally to evade the Terror if it is hot on your tail and yes, it will still get you in the Void if you get caught!!

Bug Report!

If you happen to find any bugs in the game and wish to report it, or if you have any suggestions or ideas that might improve any parts or aspects of the game we would be happy to hear from you. You can do so by using the Contacts section of the website located in the menu. Thanks for your support!!


The Brain Kandy Team

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