Amazing sounds and a few distractions set the stage for the perfect Jump Scare!

Race through fully randomized 3D mazes before the terror catches you! With only a bit of a head start and a crusty map, you must quickly navigate through twisted tunnels and avoid certain death to complete each maze. Every level the terror gets faster and faster … how far can you go?

Each game has a different set of sounds, conditions, themes, objectives, and difficulty settings resulting in a completely different experience.

Choose your poison wisely Maze-Runner! Try Terror-Maze “Cat vs Mouse” for free to get a taste of the action!

“Cat vs. Mouse” is a family friendly, introductory version of a terror-maze, feel the fun in the “Thrill of the Chase” without it being too scary or graphic. Would you like to see your kitty in this game? Tap button for details. Download for FREE!

A true Terror-Maze! Dark Horror environment with wicked sounds, and a Rogue/Assassin feel, immerse the user in an action packed Zombie chase/survival nightmare! Trapped in the sewers with nowhere left to hide! Terror on your tail, running madly, slaughtering zombies in your path…must survive! Available for Android.

The Hidden Cavern was inspired by the Jules Verne novel “Mysterious Island”. Slip into an ever-changing Vernian rift with hungry Giant Spiders and rescue your faithful companion “Buddy”, if you can…

The Haunted House is a Terror-Maze with a modest Dark Horror feel. Venture into an Ever-Changing, Twisted Labyrinth, grabbing loot, running terror stricken through the castle of a spooky old recluse who just might take Halloween a little too seriously…

Brain Kandy Entertainment

Its not just a game, its an experience!

Full game support includes:

  • graphics updates
  • sound updates and re-balancing
  • game condition updates
  • difficulty settings changes
  • bug fixes
  • game upgrades in general
  • custom mazes (see below)

Game Support or Info… Tap On…

Like to see a Terror-Maze more oriented to your country?


brainkandyentertainment@gmail.com and submit your ideas.


  • Bad guys you would like to see as a jump-scare
  • Goals example: “survive” or objectives such as “rescue captives” etc
  • General mood example: Dark Horror Theme, Adventure theme etc

If your idea gets picked and made into a Terror-Maze we will send you a free, unique T-Shirt! (approx $25 Value)

**Be sure to check back with us at brainkandy.ca once in awhile to make sure you have the info on the latest updates!!

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