Creepy Crawly, Horror

Shivers down your spine, Heart pounding, Intense

Survive as long as you can… stay alive in a Fully Randomized Lair… Giant Spiders dwell within the darkness, watching your every prayer.



Difficulty Rating

  • Moderate-High, Medium – fast paced.

Sudden anticipation, Hit Play, Feel the Rush of every game start… one of five different Giant Spiders to evade.

After holding up for the night in a cave you awaken. Startled, Suddenly aware, Battered by thunderous fury, you jump to your feet in panic as your fear stricken companion disappears into a hole in the floor. Claws scratching, Echos in the deep…

Sounds of anguish fill the air as Buddy slips into the darkness, clawing desperately in an ill fated attempt to get back to his Master…


Game Tips/Info

When game is first launched there is a clap of thunder and pouring rain, this is meant as a sound check so players can set the game volume before starting gameplay.

On initial game start, one of 5 random Terrors is selected and put into the game for repeated play.

To reset the Terror, you must get right out of game and restart from scratch. This allows the user to continue playing repeated games with the Terror of choice once the game begins.

Coin$ do not save or carry over to the next game … they are meant to be spent in game to help get you to higher levels. Use it or lose it!

More details below…

Release notes for version 5.1 (current: released Apr 24, 2023)

  • Introduction of a new artifact players can buy with coin$ …. Stopwatch.
  • The Stopwatch artifact allows player to freeze the Terror in place for a short time in order to get away or buy more time for looting the maze.
  • Replaced point reward system with coins as currency to be spent in game on artifacts.
  • Difficulty scaling revision to suit a more standardized and linear progression.
  • Game objective no longer point and level based but rather by level alone and the highest level achieved.
  • In game help page redo, cleaned up text, added support reference to website
  • Addition of new Terror(s) into the game
  • Sound upgrades – Added three new background music tracks to the mix. Every level start will now choose one of three different tracks randomly for more variety. Also added more in games sounds as well.
  • Map button is now press and hold to use instead of toggle on/off allowing for quicker response time.
  • Spider upgrades.
  • Graphics updates.

Release notes for version 4.1 (Beta)

  • Increased difficulty settings

Release notes for version 3.1 (old)

  • Map now closes while moving, eliminating “easy mode”

Release notes for version 2.1 (OG Beta)

  • Features 5 giant spiders to create more variety to the enemy evasion aspect of the game. On initial start the game will choose one of four giant spiders that will remain in the game for repeated play until the game is exited and restarted, after which a new spider will be chosen randomly for the next game. Future updates will include more spiders added to the list … stay tuned!!
  • Features a random “taunt” aspect where the spider may choose not to attack, but instead it will stay in your face to try and block you from getting away and wait for you to run before deciding whether or not to strike.
  • Features a “Surrender” or “Tap out” button (represented by a skull and crossbones icon) to be used when the spider catches and traps you to where you are rooted in fear and unable to run away (can also be used to back out or quit the current game without resetting the current spider).
  • Finding Buddy can be a bit of a challenge as there is only one spawn per level .
  • Features another element to the game using hidden passages that one might stumble upon (for better or worse). These are rare and random and sometimes they can lead to the outside of the maze (the Void). Feel free to explore the Void (although there’s nothing there to see when you get too far from the maze) but it can be used to evade the spider if he’s hot on your tail and yes, he will still kill you in the Void if you get caught!!

Bug Report!

If you happen to find any bugs in the game and wish to report it, or if you have any suggestions or ideas that might improve any parts or aspects of the game we would be happy to hear from you. You can do so by using the Contacts section of the website located in the menu. Thanks for your support!!


The Brain Kandy Team

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