We are a family of hardcore gamers who decided to bring our own brand of gaming to share with the world.

What an awesome time to be alive here on planet Earth!! Technology has allowed us the gift of entertainment in the form of sweet graphics and wicked sounds that take us all to a place of pure enjoyment. There is nothing better than hooking into a game and escaping into a world of fantasy where the limit is our own imaginations.

How lucky are we to have so many experiences that people have shared with us through their game creations over the years? We just can’t get enough and are always looking for the next escape, forever searching for more and more awesomeness.

Here at Brain Kandy Entertainment we are committed to creating such experiences to share with the community and to add to the ever growing list of games that keep us up all hours of the night when we should be sleeping!!

We hope you enjoy our games as much as we enjoy making them!


The Brain Kandy Team

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